Life Coaching using EFT

By asking the right questions, coaching helps you to formulate clear goals and to uncover your core beliefs, your aspirations, your life purpose and values. Shine a torch into the future; be inspired to be who you truly are -
A magnificent being capable of fulfilling all your dreams

By combinig the traditional Life Coaching principals with EFT, you now have a particularly powerful tool to unblock the limiting beliefs from your past.

We learn our core beliefs from a very young age. No matter what our goals and affirmations are, if they are not in alignment with those limiting beliefs, our subconscious will sabotage them all the way. It’s like having one foot on the accelerator and the other foot on the brake.

EFT will quickly uncover those limiting beliefs and then reprogram into ones that serve your present day circumstances.

To find out more about EFT Life Coaching contact Lana at +2783 339 1641