How you can improve the office environment and improve your bottom line

If your office environment is uncomfortable or if you feel that there is something lacking and a step that needs to move forward Lana can come to your offices and either work with everybody in a group or with individuals to open up the potential of your staff. Nobody is lazy by nature there is always a reason that they are not motivated. Lana can help you uncover the reasons and open up a harmonous environment for everybody to work in. If corporate employees are happy then you will have employees missing less work and they will come to you with ideas on how to improve the office environment or improve your bottom line.

Dear Lana

I’m just writing to thank you for the day of coaching you did at our offices. The team really found it useful and relevant to our unorthodox way of working and the unstructured environment we “play”in. We found your approach effective and the outcome tangible. We were able to sit together and take a snapshot of our collective ability and ambitions while recognizing and acknowledging our varied strengths and differences. This allowed us to begin the journey towards a shared set of goals. We have never had a mission statement until you guided us to create the following one:

“ To be pioneers; guided by our integrity and collective intuition. To explore digital freedom in a spirit of openness and balance. To live in constant awe, and to act ethically at all times.”

Thanks again, on behalf of everyone at Virus Communications and Whacked Management. We look forward to taking our training further in the new year.

John Vlismas

To book a workshop contact Lana +2783 339 1641