Emotional Freedom Technique

“Are you tired of being stressed and depressed?”
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is the single most effective tool I have come across for facilitating healing.

Typically we use the fingers to tap on specific points around the body. Much like our veins carry blood in our bodies, the meridians carry electrical impulses. This flow becomes blocked due to stress, shock and trauma. Often it is blocked without our even realising it. Once the energies become unblocked, we are able to think clearly and make changes to our beliefs and lives. We feel the longing for sense of joy again.
During a session we can deal with issues as diverse as
·     Depression
·     Stress
·    Low Self Esteem
·    Fears
·    Phobias
·    Pain /Emotional and or Physical
·    Addictions
And so much more, in fact anything you can thing of including pets, children etc.
Allow me to facilitate this “acupuncture for the emotions”


A typical session lasts between an hour and half to two hours. Call Lana now to book your appointment
+27 83 339 1641
: lana@acker.co.za
You can book a single session or a series of sessions at discounted prices.

Phone Consultation

The advantage of a phone consultation is it is done in the comfort of your own environment from anywhere in the world. A typical session lasts about an hour.
We can use ‘Skype’ or a landline for your account.
To book your session email lana@acker.co.za
Skype: lana333ph