“This is just what I asked the universe for. Left brain saying it’s too simple, right brain enthusiastic & inspired”

“Lana is a delightful teacher. She really puts a lot of love into whatever she does”

“I absolutely recommend this. The work is insightful, real, enlightening and definitely works”

“I find EFT a quick and amazing way to move emotional issues out of the body. I have found that it brings up issues I didn’t know existed”

“It feels as if pieces of myself are coming together to form a whole again”

“Lana provides a gentle easy introduction to EFT, and for more advanced workers there is always so much more to enjoy and learn and extend and easily integrate. It’s a joy to refresh skills and really come alive again with Lana’s facilitation”

“I loved the gentle flowing way that the course preceded. (Many trainings are so intense, packed and exhausting in pace)”

“Good empathy, sensitivity, creativity and humour”

“Manifested an issue I had intellectualised away-brought truth”

“Enjoyed the relaxed way the presentation was done”

“Thank you for this invaluable experience Lana. And for the caring and compassion and your energy and passion for healing”

“What a freedom, the presentation was so easy free and fun. Thank you Lana”

“Excellent, great facilitation”

“I am grateful for the knowledge of EFT. An extremely effective modality that’s very accessible, self empowering and empowering to others”

“Thank you for taking me thro self learning, giving us all a supportive warm place in which to feel free to explore and grow.”


Hi Lana,

You will no doubt remember our session of EFT at your studio back in May of this year.
Following a course i undertook in Kinesiology i noted that the Kinesiologist, having diagnosed the root cause of a problem, used EFT to unblock the issues of one of his patients. Wanting to know more about this i asked you for a brief insight and your suggestion to get a feel for it was to have a session with you. Last week i was telling a friend about the Kinesiology and our session when i had one of those moments of dawning.

I had explained to them that during your EFT we had focused on a knotted mass in my back. An acheing pain which had been with me for over a year, closer to two maybe, and which i had put down to my poor posture at work and long hours over a computer keyboard. It was only when i came to mention this to my friend that i realised the pain and the knots in my right shoulder had gone completely. I must have seen you fifty times since then and because i had not noticed the change have not expressed my gratitude, hence this email Lana.

I feel a little embarrassed that something so obviously effective went by without my being aware but i guess that can sometimes be the case. The amusing thing is that when i came to you about EFT all those months ago i came to learn how it works. There were many light bulb moments during our session and afterwards a mind shift in the way i address my life-work balance (i used to call this my work-life balance so obviously an improvement there); i remain intrigued by the science and still need to know HOW it works so we must arrange an education, in the meantime i shall remian satisfied just in the knowledge THAT it works.

For my painfree shoulder, for the warmth you give out every time i am with you, for your ever optimistic attitude to the universe and for all that you give to those around you without seeningly trying, i just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you Lana,

With Love,



Hi Lana,

Just a quick note to say a big thank you for the workshop on Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I thought you did wonderfully well with such a mixed group of people.

Everyone seemed to be getting value on their own agendas, which is great stuff.


Dr Angela Lecore
Medical Psychotherapist


Yesterday, my Clinical Haematologist Dr David Brittain called to tell me that he had just received the results of the bone marrow biopsy, and that the bone marrow was completely normal. His words were that if a specialist who did not know my history were to look at the results, he would not know that I had ever had Polycythemia Ruba Vera! Completely clear! His instructions were for me to complete the last of the medication that I have, and then to stop altogether. He and I had both expected me to be on this medication for the rest of my life.

I believe that this wonderful news was as a result of a number of interventions all happening at the same time, but the Journey process pulled them all together and was the catalyst for making it happen. Thank you to you and to Brandon Bays for introducing me to the Journey, and for helping to cure me of cancer. What a wonderful feeling! It would be great if you would forward my thanks and good wishes to Brandon, and many, many thanks for everything! I am now one of the biggest supporters of the Journey, and I talk about it constantly to anyone prepared to listen. What really seems to help the people I talk to is that my story is not about what I have heard from someone else, it is about what has happened to me personally.

My wife and two sons and family thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Ross Marriner